Bread and Butter

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Address: 64 Cross St, Boston, MA 02113

Phone: (617) 248-6900


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Gabriel osvaldo Z.


Soo good

Testih kisns T.


this was greatttttt

Mohsin S.


like your items......!

Boo P.


suck it

James B.


Test Review. Great stuff. Can't wait to start learning this.

Rajesh R.



Susie Y.


Decent coffee shop and bakery in the North End. Nothing wrong with anything I had but nothing particularly memorable either. I did notice that it did seem like they have a lot of wasted counter space. They could have had more options I guess. If you are in the area though this is a safe place for coffee and pastries.

Susie Y.


Adorable place. I only ordered their mango housemade soda, but it was incredible. Super refreshing and delicious. Their pastries looked amazing, as did their menu.

Susie Y.


They make the MOST DELICIOUS croissants ever. Seriously. I have had some house guests buy me them as gifts and I'm always so happy when it happens. They're definitely not healthy, but they are delicious! It has a cute look to it, as well.

Susie Y.


Discovered this place on UrbanDaddy and I'm glad I came. Admittedly the menu could have been a little more extensive, but I just loved the view and open style of the cafe. Outdoor seating is a nice touch and our chicken caesar salads were satisfying. I would certainly come here again if I'm in the north end. Points off for slightly less than fresh iced coffee.

Susie Y.


Well, Bread and Butter takes the cake for my favorite bathrooms in Boston - there are cows painted all over the walls!

I really only came in for a chai and the chance to relax and read. The chai was surprisingly good, considering that their "We Now Serve Chais!" sign had me worried. You can actually taste the spices and it's just the right amount of sweet. The sandwiches and pastries looked good, but I can't comment there.

The design is cool, but the combination of music and staff/fellow customers talking made it not very conducive to reading. Also kind of annoyed that when I asked for the WiFi password, the barista told me to just use the Greenway's, which incidentally, doesn't work. What is is it with Boston cafes and not offering WiFi? I swear, it's something about this city.

But, at the end of the day, the bathrooms still put a smile on my face.

Susie Y.


While the quality of the food is admittedly good, it's really no better than the Panera one block away. Yet I wound up paying $21 for what I could have gotten for half that price at Panera, despite the low advertised prices...

I went with some friends from work, and two of us ordered 1/2 roast beef sandwich and 1/2 salad. I got my 1/2 salad with chicken. They charged me the full $2.50 for half the portion of the chicken. In all I paid $12.50. That's a hefty amount for what should be a filling meal.

But I got shorted... TERRIBLY. They made a single roast beef sandwich for both my and my friends orders, and cut it in "half" - only he got more than 2/3 of the sandwich, while my "half" was less than 1/3 of it. I literally ate it in 2 bites.

The 1/2 salad is about 60% of the size of Panera's 1/2 salad, and like I said, they charged me for a full portion of chicken, which amounted to 3 little cubes of chicken breast. Pathetic.

My $12.50 meal didn't fill me up at all (and I'm not a huge eater).

EVEN WORSE.... I went back to order another Roast Beef sandwich for another $8.50 (a whole one), because I was so hungry, and told them why (they jipped me on the first 1/2 sandwich I ordered).... and the dead-eyed cashier didn't even apologize!!

Seriously... after I told her they gave me less than1/3 of a sandwich on my previous order, she looked me in the eye and said "Yeah, you really ought to order a full sandwich if you're really hungry". What??? Seriously? Thanks, lady... I thought I was getting more than 2 bites of a sandwich and a pathetic 3 cubes of chicken when I spent $12.50 on my previous order...

Honestly, this place sucks. your patronage is meaningless, and you get incosistent product and service.

If you want a good quality meal at a fair price, there are PLENTY of other options in the North End that will treat you like a valued customer instead of making you feel like you made a mistake because they gave you less than you paid for.

Never going back... I can't tolerate a place that won't make their own mistakes right, much less even admit to them / apologize for them.

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