Dolphin Seafood

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Address: 1105 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: (617) 661-2937


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Jorge G.


Excellent quality. We'll be back after the lockdown!

Nam N.



Gigetto T.



Hang N.



Asdf A.



Y D.


Test! First review.

Bobby R.



Steve Y.


Decent all round.

Susie Y.


So I came here after my uncle who is an MIT alum told me he brought my aunt here on there dates when they first started dating.

I was in Boston for work and I was in desperate need of some chowder and a lobster roll... I mean... It's Boston. That's a requirement isn't it?

I sat at the bar since it was just me and the bartender was very attentive and helpful. She knew exactly what I wanted when I told her that I was just visiting.

The chowder was very good. Lots of seafood in it, unlike another restaurant in town that I went to later. Just what I expected for the chowder.

The lobster roll was even better. I didn't really even know what I was ordering, I was just told by everyone that I needed to order one while I was in town. But it was great. There was a generous amount of lobster in it, and the fries that came with it were great too. Nice and crispy like they should be.

Overall. Great conversation. Great service. Great food. I will be back.

Susie Y.


Wish I could write a review about the food but I never got service beyond being seated and given waters. This is probably the first time I actually walked out of a restaurant. Be mindful I was sitting for at least 20 minutes before I did this.

I'm a patient, understanding individual of the restaurant industry; I have worked in the food service and hospitality industry for 11 years. I understand when a restaurant is busy and can't greet all it's guests or provide service right away. It happens, it's why I sat there for 20 minutes to see if I was going to get any service or respect.

Let me tell you, if you never experienced a complete degradation and disrespect of who you are without ever actually doing anything but be present then you are a lucky individual. Dolphin Seafood restaurant gave me this insight, and it only showed me why it's important to appreciate good service and to always tip accordingly.

It was a rainy Saturday, me and my wife went to visit Dolphin on a whim ( I mainly wanted to go because I love seafood and to watch the Bruins game ). We came in and were seated right away by the waitress who would never return. She gave us menus and brought us waters and that's when her service ended. Me and the wife discussed some delicious options that we saw ( I won't lie, the menu definitely had some appealing dishes ) and then waited. Outside it was pouring, and we watched the rain. I looked around to see a half empty restaurant mostly filled with families and older couples. The wife decided to go to the bathroom, since I knew her order. Still waiting for someone to come back.

As a rule, I never feel obligated to wave down my server to take my order; the one thing as a guest is that you are paying for the experience and the meal, spending time and money to be a patron. If an establishment fails to recognize that, then it's not a place to spend your money.

The wife came back and even she asked me why the order wasn't taken. I told her that the server never came by. She was too busy with her other 3 tables. I also liked that the other servers also never came by or asked if we needed anything. This is a reflection of poor teamwork.

We left as soon as the rain stopped and ate at Le's where we got our order taken less than 5 minutes after being seated and the place was almost full.

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