Court House Seafood Restaurant

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Address: 498 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

Phone: (617) 491-1213


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I love it

Susie Y.


This is one of my mainstay lunch places in the neighborhood. I don't like deep fried food (which I realize is what most people get and love this place for), so I never tried their fried seafood. They, however, have a decent selection of grilled and broiled fish. For anything from $10 to $12, you can get grilled fish (I usually choose Cajun style, which is very tasty) with two sides (I usually get cole slaw and baked potato). I tried blue fish and salmon. Salmon was really overcooked once or twice I got it, so now I just stick to blue fish. I had it perhaps a dozen of times, it is consistently good. Nothing fancy but a solid filling lunch.

Susie Y.


I ordered the clam strip dinner today. The clam strips were fresh and didn't require tarter sauce! The french fries were just as good. I'm not a coleslaw fan, so you can be the judge of that one. The portion was plenty, unlike most places that charge $5 more.

The restaurant itself appeared clean and welcoming, and the customer service was great. This is the best seafood I've had in the Boston area. I will definitely come here the next time I'm craving seafood.

Susie Y.


No one should write super long reviews.

Court House has the best clam shack-style seafood at 1/3 less money and 2x the freshness. The fried clam strips are crisp, moist inside, and not oily. The lobster is out of the bag: Court House is great place for classic New England fresh seafood at a reasonable price. GO!

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